Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weird! Wednesdays

Weird Wednesdays

At the rate gas is going this might be us before long!

FIVE PEOPLE! The third one look like she could be with child so that is SIX! WOW!

To The Market We Go!

This Looks A Little Fishy!

This Will Look Great In My Yard!

A Pipefitters Work Is Never Done!

Just Out Doing A Little Deep Sea Fishin'!

The Finishing Touch To My Bathroom Remodel!

I Got Me Some Bigger Tires For Better Traction On this Thing!

Kentucky Fried Here I Come!

Were Having A Big Easter Egg Hunt!

Bacon I smell Bacon! I Am Sure He Did Look At The Poor Little Guy On The Bottom!:(

I going to Pimp My Ride!

I Love Chicken!

These Chairs Will Go Great With My Dining Room Table!

Got Milk!

The Will Never See Me In Here!

Here Is Me When I Trade My Car In !

I Love To Recycle!

Follow Me This Is A Short Cut!

Honey Get The Table Set I'm Comin' Home With Dinner!

Honey Look What I Got Free On Craigslist!

And This My Son Is How To You Walk A Tightrope!

Makes you appreciate!

Make sure you pop over to It's Ok to be WEIRD! and see what oddities Sweet Mummy found!

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Tammy said...

Do you mind if I put your badge on my blogs? I still have the code. Let me know, thanks Tammy.

Sweet Mummy said...

I don't know what's up, but I can't see the pictures... maybe it's my browser. I'm using Firefox on a MacBook Pro.