Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Friday, A Family That Plays Together Stays Together!

As we head in into the summer vacations I found a few things that would be relatively cheap but would be a day packed with fun and memories. Sometime we forget that do not have to spend a lot to have some of the greatest memories and times with each other.

Create history

Get to know your family better by creating an audio or visual family history. Interviewing immediate and extended family members provides insight into where you came from and how your family evolved, which can help you and your loved ones develop a stronger sense of self. Create a family tree online using PBS's American Family Interactive Tree.

See stars

Visit a planetarium, grab a field guide to astronomy, then plan an evening on your backs on a clear night identifying moon phases, looking for the Milky Way, spotting planets and heavenly bodies, or witnessing special events like a meteor shower or a lunar eclipse. Find an astronomy club or planetarium near you through

Visit a science center

Science centers' exhibits are interactive and encourage visitors to get involved — and get curious about the world around them. Find a science center near you through the Association of Science-Technology Centers website.

Go rafting

Guided river tours put the stress of minding the details on the guide, and leave families free to enjoy the adventurous rush of rafting. Find a trip through a company like the Outdoor Adventure River Specialists.

Take a dude ranch vacation

Dress down, press pause on scheduled commitments, and learn new skills as a family — how to ride a horse, rope a cow or make decent campfire food. Find a ranch through the Guest Ranches of North America website.

Support a good cause

Join a "thon" — a walk-, run- or cycle-a-thon you can participate in as a group. Train together, then recover together. Find an event through the website

Go hiking

Hiking offers a cheap, quiet, electronics-free time to talk. Find a trail near you at

Go camping

You'll have uninterrupted time to focus on one another, so you can make family your number-one priority. Look to for a campsite directory.

Redesign the yard

Let everyone weigh in on the new look, go shopping and pick out the new plants or lawn furniture. Delegate tasks according to strengths and interests, and transform your home together.

Schedule regular family meetings.

Group discussions give kids a chance to weigh in on decisions that affect the whole family. They're also ideal for talking about any family-related events, problems, or concerns.

Ideas from Revolution Health

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Those are worthy suggestions on how to effect bonding with our family members. Thanks for the post. God bless you all.

MuDiva said...

Another great post of ideas Tammy. Thanks again!