Monday, May 26, 2008

Make It Yourself Monday!

Handmade Gift Bows

A few Mondays ago I posted how to reuse magazines to make a cute and very different envelope. Well the same person who came up with that has now added bows and they are very cute as well. Check this out she made 2 different kinds of bows. Now these would be such a great idea to match your bow to the present.

Cell phone photo tutorial...
What you need:

magazine page, brass paper fastener/brad, something sharp, scissors.

1.) Cut mag page into strips

2.) Loop a strip like so:

Then loop the other end like so:

3.) Poke a hole in the middle with the sharp thing and slide it onto the brad.

4.) Make another one and put it on the brad too.

And just keep going.

5.) Once you've got about nine strips looped on there just split the prongs on the brad

And you're done!

WARNING: May cause serious addiction. Craft at your own risk.

Yeah, I could recycle magazines by putting them in my recycling bin, but this is way more fun...

(I also reused a pretty shoe box to put the gift in)

And two more...

They're super easy. You just need a magazine, scissors and those little brass paper fastener things (a stapler might work too).
1. Cut some different size strips from the mag.
2. Loop the strips and stick the paper fastener through the middle. (it might be easier to make holes in the strips with something sharp first and then slide them on the fastener. I used a seam ripper). Put the smaller strips on first and then the larger.
3. Pull the prongs apart when you're done and then stick it to your gift with some tape. Fluff it up a bit for flair and voila!

By Miss American Pie

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Elaine said...


I just found your Blog through the Shabby Chic forum. Thank you for the amazing tips, I will have to keep a note pad handy so I don't forget them.

Love & blessings


::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

Wow, what a brilliant craft idea!I'm a bit of a treehugger and usually avoid wrapping paper so I've taken to making drawstring bags instead, but this is a nice way to still make some bows without feeling wasteful and needlessly destructive, I LOVE this tidbit, thank you Tammy!

Tidbits Of Tammy said...

Thanks so much. As you can see from the look of my blog I love the shabby chic look. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

I thought it was a really great way to recycle and have a cute gift. Did you see the post of enevolopes doing the same thing? She really came up with some great ideas.
Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. Please be sure and visit again.

Bubbles said...

Wow Wonderful idea- Thanks for sharing n you are right, it sure is addictive :)