Monday, June 9, 2008

Make It Yourself Monday!

For today's project I found this great way to reuse a old jersey shirt from RePlayGround

I thought this would be a really cute idea for a book bag for school or a boy's beach tote or gym bag.

Sports jersey tote bag

description: Turn used sports jerseys into tote bags in a few easy steps! These bags are great for groceries or even for the beach. Plus the jersey material comes with airholes - perfect for airing out your beach towel.

- old sports jersey
- webbing or grosgrain ribbon for handle

- needle and thread or sewing machine
- fabric scissors
- straight pins

1. Cut off your jersey at the arms and neck.

2. Turn the jersey inside out. Sew along cut edge. The bottom of the shirt will become the top of the bag.

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Web Goodies 411 said...

That's really cute and creative. I saw on a quilting show once where they took all the team shirts their child had accumulated over the years and created a quilt out of the shirts to send off with the now grown child to college.

Kacie said...

What a clever idea! I have so many t-shirts that I no longer wear, but I don't want to toss (some have a sentimental value). Maybe I could try to repurpose them into these nifty bags!