Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I was reading this article and found this list of risk factors, as I read them I noticed so many things on the list were things we hear about children in the news almost on a daily basis. I feel like in some cases it can be directly related to parents not spending enough time with their children or monitoring their daily lives close enough.

What do you think?

Signs That a Child and Family Need Help

  1. Any disruptions in first-year-of-life bonding and attachment
  2. Lack of guilt or genuine remorse when child hurts others
  3. Fire setting and other destructive behavior
  4. Cruelty to animals
  5. Chronic arguing with parents, teachers, and other authority figures
  6. Lack of positive friendships with same-age peers
  7. Hyperactivity
  8. Perceives self as a victim
  9. Chronic refusal to do chores
  10. Hoarding of uneaten food
  11. Outbursts of severe anger when adults set and enforce limits
  12. Encopresis and/or enuresis
  13. Chronic lying in the face of the obvious
  14. Suicidal or homicidal statements (Take all of these seriously!)
  15. Abusive, violent parents
  16. Parents who belong to gangs
  17. Tobacco and other drug use, as well as association with peers who use these substances
  18. Obsession with violent movies, music, video games, internet sites, etc.
  19. Violent, gory, or suicidal content in drawings, school writing assignments, etc.

Children who display one or more of these characteristics…

  • should be closely supervised
  • need their parents to remove weapons and other dangerous items from the home
  • are screaming out for love, limits, and professional help.

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tammy,
Yes, I agree with you. Parents should supervise their children closely and monitor any inclination to misbehave. Thanks for the post. God bless you and your family always.