Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Toaster Oven Revisited

Today it seems that there are so many different appliances to chose from in the kitchen. I find that many are just a waste of time,money and counter space. But one that I do find to very useful is the toaster oven.

I wonder how many of you have one that you have really never taken the time to see how useful it really is. I have used one faithfully for about 10 years now and I have had it packed away for a while till I moved and last night I moved it to my new house and sat it on the counter and thought man I have missed not using this.

Especially in the summer when it is hot I love it. It is so handy when you have kids. For easy reheats of things that do not fair well in microwaves, pizzas, pizza rolls, cookies, cakes, brownies. The possibilities
are many.

It also is great for a single person or couple.

Although this sounds like I am getting paid to promote toaster ovens, I am not I just find it to be such a handy tool in the kitchen.

So if you have one that might be sitting around collecting dust or maybe you have never owned one at all, I encourage you to take a second look at this great appliance. You might find it to be handy as well.

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