Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anytime I post things on my sidebars I am going to try to spotlight them to let you know a little about what I am promoting. Today I want to let know about Joe McGee. Until about four months ago I had never heard of him myself, but as you will find out I am a avid thrift store shopper. I am always on the look out for books, tapes or cd's of things that interest me such child rearing, home management, etc.

Well I ran across this tape series about child rearing by this minister named Joe McGee. After listening to it that night I went online to see if I could find more tapes and found he had many different series and books on family and marriage. I have since started to collect all of his different series and I also started supporting his ministry.

He sermons are great, he has humor and many stories of his family life etc. It is over before you even realize it. If you know about "Raising Godly Tomatoes" and like that style of child rearing you will love Joe McGee. I have not had a chance to listen to his marriage series yet but I am sure that it is as good as the parenting.

I have two of his books over in the pink box of things I recommend and even though his prices on his site are good I found that they are several dollars cheaper through amazon.

So consider checking him out you will not be disappointed. He also has a newsletter he sends out. Here is his link Joe McGee Ministries


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