Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do You Know The Secret Behind "The Secret"

I usually drive to work listening to either my pastors sermons on cd, something educational, use it as my time of deep thinking. It happens to be one of only two times I ever have to myself in my day. The other is early in the morning when my boys are still sleeping.

Well today when I got in the car the radio happen to be on (which is rare since this is my think time) and for whatever reason I did not turn it off right away as I would usually do. The announcer was talking something about the power of words. He was referencing about something said in the media to do with the election or close to that effect.

Anyhoo I started to think about the what was said about the power of words. For years I have spoke up to people in my inner circle when they would speak negative things about maybe their situation or if they might have spoke negative about something to do with me. I did this not to be mean or holier than thou, but because I am a firm believer in you have what you say.

Many years ago I started to notice that this really was true time and again. So today as I listen to what was being said it made me think about "The Secret". Everybody was on the bandwagon of "The Secret" sold millions of copies and still selling millions I am sure. When the hype was on I was interested to. But I didn't want to spend the money to found out. I thought I will find it somewhere in a couple of months and see it for less or free. Well about a month ago I did just that I found it at the video store in the free or $1.00 section not sure.

So I got it and I watched only maybe five or so minutes of it before turning it off and thought wow people spent all this money to find out about something they could have know all along for free. All they had to do was read the bible.

If you think about it the whole "Secret" is basic principles from the bible and wrapping it in a "secular" package. So the world thinks this lady had this great vision and she took what has been there for thousand of years and claimed it as vision.

The basic foundation of "The Secret" is you have what you speak over your life. What does the bible teach us ? You have what you speak over your life. So if by chance you have not seen or read about "The Secret" Just open up your bible and you will see "The Real Secret".

I just finished a four part sermon that my pastor taught last year on Elevation of Finances and part two and three is about the words you speak over your life and the company you entertain directly affects you. It was a wonderful series.

So today as you go about your daily routine take a look at what you might be speaking over your life it might surprise you!

If by chance you are interested in hearing the series, if you will email me with your info I will send you a copy free of charge. Whether your a believer or not I think you would enjoy it.


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