Monday, March 31, 2008

Have You Ever Used Greased Lighting?

I was introduced to this about 5 years ago and have been a big fan every since. I am personally one who doesn't buy a lot of fancy cleaners,and it is not for frugal reasons although I do like that part of it. I have been in the cleaning profession as my career for many years and have found that you really only need a few basic items to get the job and squeaky clean.

This happens to be one of those stable products. I was working a second job at the time at IHOP and they would have us carry the food with out a tray so when stacking the food you would inevitably have a greasy apron everyday. I had tried different things and it was still the same. Then one day a coworker ask me if I had tryed Grease Lighting. I have never figured out why I never ask her what she used before when she came looking like her first day on the job everyday and I knew she was not getting new aprons. In my defense I was 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time so my thinking was a little altered at the time.

Anyhoo she goes to tell me that it would total keep my apron grease free and it was cheap. So I go the store and get some and it worked like magic. So I thought boy I am going to to try this on other things and see what happens. Well low and behold this is a miracle in a bottle. You name it can clean it. Soap scum whatever. It is FANTASTIC on baby laundry. Formulas stains it is the bomb. Not to be inappropriate but if you have a skid marks in your DH or DS underwear you will love this product.


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