Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning 101- Useful Tidbits To Help Along The Way

Spring Is In The Air!

It's time to start gearing up for a through spring cleaning! I have some useful tips to help along the way.

1. The Button Scraper

Sew a large plastic or wooden button on the corner of a washcloth.

It makes a great scraper for those hard to remove pieces of food.

2. Rinse Aid

Buy a inexpensive watering can. It makes rinsing the tub so much easier.

3. No Plunger Plumbing

If you find yourself with a plugged drain and no plugger, just use a frisbee. Fill the sink with hot water place the frisbee over the drain hole and pump it hard, several times. It works pretty well!

4. Add a shine to your shoe

Take a small square of plush carpet and glue it on a block of wood and whala! Instant shoe shiner.

Do not throw away those shoulder pads just yet also shine great and a great furniture gripper too!

5. Make your own dishwasher

Take a small baby food jar poke a few holes in the lid, Then take a sponge (cellulose is the best) cut it to the size of lid glue it to lid. Fill with dishsoap and screw on the sponge-lid for a great and easy grip dishwasher!

6. Pantyhose will make your floors sparkle

They will bring a extra gleem to your floor if used as a buffing pad.

7. Got a old shaving brush?

They are great for dusting fragile antiques.

8. Got a extra car scraper?

They are great for dust bunnies behind the fridge.

9. For hard to reach areas

For dusty hard to reach area a soft bristle paint brush works great.

The small sponge ones are great to and the hold soap and water well too!

10. Dustpans

Just sprinkle a little water in the dust pan to keep the dust from flying and stuff from falling out of the pan.

Rubber dustpans are great for easy wet spill clean ups.


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