Monday, March 24, 2008

Color Codes For Freshest Bread

Ok, so I started to make this post just to give you a little tidbit about knowing that you are getting fresh bread, maybe a odd topic to blog about but none the less I'm doing it anyway. But as I began to write I thought I might as well share with you about my OCD issues about bread.

You see I have to have fresh bread. I will not eat it after 3 days sometimes even less. I absolutely will not eat bread out of the freezer. Although this has nothing to do with the show I just think it tastes horrible.

I have been this way since I was a kid, but I really I only became OCD about it a few years back after I watched
a show on Discovery Channel. I tried to find the piece online to play for you but I was not successful.

The basic story was that if I am not mistaken after week or so the bread before it becomes moldy, starts to get little micro scopic bugs of some kind. It showed as people were fixing their sandwiches how they were all over the bread.

The one example they had used that stuck with me was a woman making a grilled sandwich and they were coming up through the holes in the bread to get away from the heat of the pan.

So every since I watched this I have been a little obsessive about my bread. I know there are those that this will not care but I know there has got to be others that would like to know this.

Just A Little FYI!

So now on with the original reason for making this post.

Did you know that is you can tell if you getting the freshest bread by looking at the bread tie? The color of the tie or plastic tab indicates when the bread was delivered to the store shelf!

They deliver 5 days a week.

They do not deliver on Sundays.

So there you have it I hope you will find it useful!

I apologize if I grossed anyone out about the bread story but I was glad to find it out and I hope you will too!

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