Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tidbit Tuesday

Well it is Kindergarten craze here on the homefront. He started yesterday and I almost missed the big day! I knew I was meeting with his teacher at 10 but was not aware that it was the first day until I was leaving for a prior appointment and I seen the streets were filled with kids and backpacks. I pulled to a mom and ask some question and went into full on panic!

You never seen a woman move so fast in your life. I got that car around the block and in the drive, jumped out ran to phone the school to become the first official nutcase mom of the new school year. So here is how the conversation went...

Hi my son is a Kindergartner this year and I for some reason I thought they did not start till Thursday. I just found out the first day is today ( school starts at 8:30 for Kindergarten and this is 9:40 at the time of this conversation) have I just ruined my son most memorable day of school that a mom can have?

The school secretary:
( Laughing hysterically) what is your child name and teacher?
No you are fine just relax, we will see you in a bit.

She had to find out my childs name so now they can know I am the crazy loon! Thank goodness I had everything all ready to go so it was not a total disaster. But dear lord how could I have messed up such a important day!

So here is some pictures of his first day

If you can see well enough in picture 3 that his eyebrow is now scarred for life from showing his Karate moves to the sitters son and losing his balance and landing on the corner of the entertainment center. BTW he doesn't even take Karate!!!

So I know this is Tidbit Tuesday but I had to interrupt regularly scheduled programing for this important (to me anyway) service announcement.

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Sue said...

That is too funny! Glad he got to school ok. And didn't miss it! He looks happy and smiling in all the pictures so I guess he had a good day. Good luck in kindergarten!

Melinda Zook said...

Aww, man yours started early. Hope he had a great first day!