Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's Your Opinion on Blog Commenting?

So one of my BFF bloggy friends Melinda Zook who is also the creator of Tidbit Tuesday has called upon a few of us to help her gather some info.

She is trying to find out
what people really want when it comes to blog commenting.

So she has recruited few of us to answer these question as honestly as we can
then see how many of you would be so kind as to leave a comment with your opinions on it as well.

So here are my answers.....

1. How many blogs do you comment on each week?
About 15-20.

2. Do you comment on the same blogs routinely?
I do have some that I do try to comment on regularly. Then as I do my Entrecard drops I read and if I feel I have something to say I leave a comment. I hate to be a drop and go, I only do that if I am behind.

3. Do you comment just to comment or do you comment with the expectations that the blog owner will visit your blog as well?
I comment just to comment. I never want anyone to think I am just trying to get a return comment or visit. Not to say I do not like people to come and visit my blog and leave comments. I LOVE comments. But I want people to be commenting because you found the post interesting not out of obligation.

4. How would you like the blog owner to respond to your comment, if at all?
Unless it is something that is just a light post or picture that you are just leaving a brief comment about I love to hear a response from the blog owner. I almost always go back on my next visit to see if they have responded. But I do not get upset if they do not, I know we all have busy lives and sometimes do not always have time to respond.

5. How many comments would you say you got (on average) in your last 5 posts? Only about 3-4.

6. Do you respond to your comments?
Yes it may not always be the same day because of time but I try to always go back and comment.

7. How do you respond, within that post or via email or some other way?
Within the post.

8. [If you don't respond to comments] N/A

So what is your response to these questions? Please comment and let me know.

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MamaFlo said...

In a week I probably comment on 60+ blogs.
They are sometimes the same blogs but often times they are different.
I comment just to comment, I have something to say, I have an opinion.
The number of comments I get depends entirely on the topic and on who stays around to read, I understand that people are busy.
I don't respond to every comment (should I?) but I will often times chime in with something more to say depending on what someone's comment was.
Most of the time I comment right in the post where everyone else is commenting.

Melinda Zook said...

Thanks for doing this; I am looking forward to checking out all the feedback!

Tidbits Of Tammy said...

First off with all the blogs you visit in a day God Bless You for even having the time to comment on 60+ blogs!
I don't think you have to respond to every comment especially if it is just a quick comment about a picture post or something simple. But if it is something that has more substance I try to respond let them know I have acknowledged their comment.
Thanks so much for participating in our little questionnaire.On a personal note thanks for being such a faithful dropper and visitor!

I was hoping for a better response hopefully a few more will decide to give an opinion. I am sure with some of the others having more traffic we will get more responses I only get a little under a 100 visitors a day right now. But it is climbing slowly.

Melinda Zook said...

That's okay, I will take what I can get. My visits have been really slow lately. I think everyone is trying to get themselves ready for back to school. Love those pics of your son, so cute. Mine starts next week.

Again, I really appreciate that you did this : )