Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Get Time Smart ! Discovering The Hidden Time Wasters in your Day Part 1

There seems to never be enough time in our day to get everything done that need to be done in a day. So the best solution to making the most of your day is to plan it out. It will really surprise you to find out how much you can get done if you have a plan. I am a firm believer in making list. I love technology and such but there is nothing better than a good ole' fashion pen and paper.

First thing you need to do is find a place of your own. Set up an area for yourself where you keep all your lists, calendars, menus, etc. This is your place to work and make your schedules.

Now that you have shop set up, it is time to start.

Make a time each day when you have some quiet time to get things planned out for the following day. Whether it be naptime or after the kids are in bed. I personally do it after the kids are in bed. I am a night person so I do my best thinking then.

* Keep a Master List

Make a list of everything you want to do, including day to day matters and long term goals. Use a small notebook to keep handy for reference and additional things you think of through out the day for your next planning session.

* Plan each day

Keep a daily "to do" list. Make up a new one everyday and include task you specifically hope to accomplish-deadlines, appointments-as well as items from your master list. Give each task a priority number-1,2,3. Do all the 1's first and so on.

* Learn to delegate

Assign jobs and responsibilities within the family. Kids 2 to 4 can put dirty clothes in the hamper or match socks, ages 4 to 7 can dress themselves and clear the table, while those over 8 can put away toys and do many chores reasonably well.

* Use your best time for your most important tasks

If you are a "day person" make use of your mornings to get your hardest tasks completed, and if you are a "night person" struggling to fuction at 7:30 in the morning, leave as little as possible to do in the early hours. For example, before you go to bed each night, set the table for breakfast and supervise the children while they get clothes and school books ready. When you get to work, ease into the day. Answer phone calls, catch up with filing and do other jobs you can accomplish with little effort. Then, as your energy level rises, take care of the more important work.

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