Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Are Your Thoughts On Adolences Having A MySpace Account?

I was very disturbed and disheartened by this video. So
I was curious to find out how parent feel about their kids having MySpace accounts.

As I was driving to work yesterday they were talking about the incident ( Shown Above) that just happen on MySpace where the cheerleaders beat the soup out of another girl for posting things about them on her MySpace page.

In my opinion if you are under 18 you should not be allowed to have a account with MySpace. I have heard so many reports of these kind of things going on everyday. Less than a year ago here in St. Louis, a young girl killed herself because of something a person had posted on MySpace.

Now I understand that this site has some great things to help people get the word out to others about their music or hobby. Thats fine even if it is children as long as the parent is in control of the page.

What is this world coming to when one of the parent of the girls says basically she should not have wrote it if she could not take what was coming next. Are we not supposed to be the ones to teach our kids life lessons? What life lesson do you think her daughter learned? I hope to watch hear back in the shower of her jail cell.

Now I am not trying to down anyone who lets there child have a MySpace account. All I am saying is you got to be involved in your child's life. Check the site site regularly. No matter how responsible your child is they are still a child and can make mistakes.

I know we get caught up in life but these kids are our flesh and blood, they are supposed to be our tomorrow. What kind of a tomorrow do they have to look forward to with kids like this? Don't let your child be one of these.

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Bob O said...

Hey Tammy...unfortunately, I live in the next county over from where this occurred. This is a very common occurrence here in this part of Florida..go of the nutjobs! The State's Attorney has decided to try all 8 kids as adults on kidnapping and assault with intent to cause bodily harm. The maximum sentence is life. I hate myspace. I had it blocked on my kids could not access it here from our house. Unfortunately, their friends' parents were not as vigilant and let anyone on the computer and had no parental blocks at all. This also goes with your other post about parents safeguarding their kids. That 43% figure does not surprise me at all..I've been dealing with this for quite some time! Excellent discussion..both of them!

Tidbits Of Tammy said...

Hi Bob,
I am so glad to hear they are going to be charged. I would like to see it be the maximum punishment.

I will be blocking mine as well when the time comes.

These are the very reasons why it is so important to know who your children are friends with and what their family life is like. I will not be easy on my boys when they reach an age where this is a issue.

It is so shocking to me that so many parents are not invovled enough in thier the children's lives to not have a clue something was going on even if they did not have MySpace.

I work for a school dist and I am sadden on a daily basis at how many parents are not involved with child's anything. They do not come to any parent/teacher events or extra activities unless they are excelling. I see them drop them off and leave them waiting for them for hours. It is very sad.

Thanks so much for your comment and even more so thanks for being a concerned parent!