Sunday, April 6, 2008

So It Took My 4 Year Old To Make Me Go Green!

This week I realized (shamefully I might add)how much the early young mind is such a sponge and is absorbing not only thing we teach them but everything they see and hear. Just a gentle reminder of the importance of starting early with teaching important life long habits and lessons.

Although I have seen the signs of going green popping up more and more these days. I am ashamed to admit it but I have done nothing to contribute.

Then a few days back I was busy in the kitchen when my oldest son came in with a empty plastic bottle, he said mom I am finished and as he normally does after finishing, so without a thought I told him to throw it away. He proceeds to walk over towards the trash can and ask where the recycle bin was.

*Blink Blink*
What did you say? Mom, I said where is the recycle bin? Where did you learn about recycling? Channel 9 Public Television. Oh I said, well mom will have to get one set up. He says, Well you better hurry we are suppose to be recycling everything see it says recycle right here as he point to the recycle emblem on the bottle.

It really made me feel horrible that not only have
I not done something before now but that he had to learn about recycling from public television.

So in the spirit of going green here is a great post on getting started:

Learning the three Rs

Learning the three Rs - Part Two: Reduce

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