Sunday, April 13, 2008

Make It Yourself Monday

This week I found a couple of great patterns to make reuseable tote bags. One is pattern from Martha Stewart and the other is from Instructables. Both look very handy. Let know how they turn out.

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Melinda Zook said...

Cute! And what a great idea. Now I wish I was just crafty enough to do it.

Tidbits Of Tammy said...

Hi Melinda,
I thought they were really cute as well. I love the idea of being able to pick the color of my grocery bags! I have not made one yet but it looks fairly simple. I am not a great seamstress myself. In fact to tell off on myself in home ec in school, my project was to make a skirt for the semester. Well at turn time mine was a pillowcase. Not sure how that happen but it did. So you could not do any worse than me!

Thanks for the comment!