Thursday, April 3, 2008

How Frugal Is To Frugal?

So I am reading some "Frugal Tips" and thinking, OK, I love money saving tips as much as the next person but there come a point when it is just taken to far.

Am I wrong to feel that
cutting up a shower curtains to use as bowl covers is just gross! I am sorry but no amount of bleach or cleaner is going to make me feel like my old shower curtains is clean enough to cover the food I put in my mouth!

Oh here's another one, use your shower cap as a bowl cover! Ah a little hair in your food wont kill you! GROSS!

How about using the water you boil potatoes to make milk gravy? Ah No Thanks!

If you have read my previous post about my bread ocd's than you know I love this one

Save cracker crumbs and bread crumbs from their packages as they're emptied. It won't be long until you have enough for a meat loaf or casserole - no added expense.

To me these are not frugal tips, they are unsanitary tips. How about buying bowl cover that they have at Dollar Tree for a $1 and washing them out after every use! MUCH more sanitary and only a dollar spent and no hair from your shower cap! Just my opinion.

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